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Week #5 after surgery

This past week has been the best one yet!  I have no pain while sitting or getting around.  I can lift my right leg up and down and even bring my foot towards me to put on my own socks and shoes 🙂  I can bend over without any pain.  Physical therapy is getting a little less painful 😉 My reaction to the Dermabond has finally cleared up all the way.  I got to take a bath this week!  Basically the only pain I have is when something touches my incision or hits my leg in that general area.  Or if I sit in one position for too long.  I still can’t let my knee drop to the side if my leg is bent – those muscles are still really tight but we are working on them.  I’ve also been trying to keep pressing on the incision to make it less sensitive.  That was advice from the physical therapist.  They roll a rolling pin over it each time I go there.  It’s kind of painful and feels good at the same time, if that makes any sense!

There have been a handful of days where I’ve had pain but I don’t know what I did to cause it.  In the middle of the night last night I woke up in severe pain and realized I was laying on my stomach.  When I woke up this morning my leg was still hurting so I had to take some medicine.  When I went to physical therapy earlier, she was guessing it was from being stuck in that position (on my stomach) because my leg isn’t used to being stretched out like that.  It’s still sore, but hopefully that will work itself out soon.

I also found out that I can drive 6 weeks after surgery!  So, I am finally about to count down to the day where I can get into my car and go wherever I want and not rely on someone to cart me and the kids around!  I actually can’t wait to get back to work in the office.  The only bad thing is that I will still be on crutches and that just isn’t fun being downtown Charlotte on crutches.  But at least I’m on the downhill side of recovery 🙂

I absolutely cannot wait to be able to start walking!  It’s mostly all I think about.  I’ve had dreams about it.  It’s driving me crazy!  I asked the therapist this morning about the timeline for that if I progress normally.  She said that at 6 weeks we go to 25% weight bearing in my right leg.  She said that is like pretending that a boiled egg is on the ground and you are just trying to roll your foot over it to crush it.  Then the next week go to 50%, next week go to 75%, and then the next go to 100%.

So, provided that I have no issues and progress normally, I should be off crutches by January 6, 2016!!!  That will mean that I had been on crutches for over 4 months.  4 long months.  I hope to God that this surgery will have been worth it and is successful.  Only time will tell.  Until then I will keep counting down the days until I can walk again!