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Photo of the day: #138

Photo #138

These are fresh-picked veggies from the garden!  I was going to wait until the zucchini got a little longer, but I just went ahead and picked the larger ones.  I didn’t even realize that I had the two peppers.  I’m already thinking about what I’m going to plant next year because it’s so cool just going out in the backyard to get some food…and free too!  I’m going to have a much bigger garden next year.


The two zucchini plants are starting to take over the plants near them.  The row in the front are squash and cucumber (I think) and I have no idea how much bigger they get so hopefully I’ll be able to move around in there once they start growing.  They have really taken off over the past few weeks and are starting to look like vines growing on the ground – I might get a trellis or something to get them off the ground.  As I was looking at one of the plants, I could see where a tendril (had to use Google to figure out what word I should use there) from one cucumber plant had wrapped around another cucumber plant.  I thought it was amazingly cool.  Michael did not share in my excitement.

Isn’t that cool??!

I just think it’s so cool that plants know how to do that.  Stuff like that in nature amazes me.  I guess my husband doesn’t think that way – he just looked at me like I was crazy!  Then we went inside and Michael cooked a delicious meal with our fresh veggies 🙂